SQ Management Programme

Social Quotient (SQ) Development Programme


Ollato's SQ Development Program enhances social intelligence through specialized curriculum and interactive exercises. Participants refine communication, empathy, and adaptability skills, fostering meaningful connections and confident social navigation. With a focus on key social competencies, this program empowers individuals for success in diverse personal and professional interactions.

Unique Attributes

Who can take benefits?

  • Professionals in Leadership Roles

  • Individuals Seeking Personal Growth

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Sales and Client-Facing Professionals

  • Team Members and Collaborators

  • Community Leaders and Activists

  • Counsellors and Coaches

  • Students and Graduates

Social Quotient (SQ) Development Programme

Rohan S.
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"Ollato's SQ Development Programme significantly improved my communication and social skills. The personalized feedback and practical application exercises were incredibly beneficial. I now navigate social situations with more confidence. Highly recommend it!"
Priya L.
College Student
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"This program transformed my social interactions. The empathy and adaptability skills I learned have greatly improved my relationships with peers and professors. I feel more connected and confident. A must-try for any student!"
Anil M.
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"As a business owner, effective communication is crucial. Ollato's program provided the tools I needed to enhance my social intelligence and build better client relationships. The comprehensive assessment and social dynamics understanding were particularly helpful. Highly recommend it to fellow entrepreneurs!"
Sneha R.
Team leader
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"Leading a group requires strong social skills, and this program made a significant difference. The confidence-building and social cue recognition exercises were invaluable. I feel more equipped to handle diverse social situations. Highly recommend Ollato's SQ Development Programme!"

Experience & Impact

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    Ollato's Eduversity Social Quotient (SQ) Development Programme

Ollato’s Social Quotient (SQ) Development Programme

Enhancing Social Intelligence Since 2019

5 Years of Expertise

Helped over 8,000 individuals improve their social intelligence.

Proven Impact

90% of participants report better communication skills and improved interpersonal relationships.

Broad Adoption

Successfully implemented in various professional and social settings nationwide.

Success Stories

Discover how professionals, students, and individuals have enhanced their social skills and confidence through our specialized curriculum and interactive exercises.

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