Orientation Programme on Career Guidance

Orientation Programme on Career Guidance

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Career Guidance

Orientation Programme on Career Guidance

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Resource Person: Dr. Rajeev Ranjan (Director & Senior Psychologist) & Mr. Ganesh Desai (Strategic Manager) Serac Education Pvt. Ltd. Date: Saturday, 12th February 2022

There is an old saying that ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. These are not just words; it is a motivation. Board exams are given a lot of importance in our education system and career development, be it 10th or 12th. For this, the future of a student is taken. However, one question that always remains is what is next after the 10th/12th?

To find out answers to the student’s questions Serac Education Pvt. Ltd. Organized an orientation programme in association with Global Thought Foundation (GTF) at Children Aid Society, Mankhurd (Mumbai). Just like we all always keep planning to face the challenges of our life, similarly, we all also need planning regarding our education.

The session started with 05 minutes of relaxation with music by Dr. Rajeev Ranjan (Director & Senior Psychologist). After this, clapping and tapping activities were done with them. Due to this, the students got relaxed and calmly prepared to participate in the session.

The session began with Dr. Rajeev explaining to the students why studies and careers are important for a student. For this Dr. Rajeev took the help of the “Reflect Yourself” activity. With this, the student put his views in front of everyone without any fear and hesitation. All the students enthusiastically participated in it. Based on the feedback of the students, the session was extended. These sessions were interactive and reflective. In which the students had complete freedom to think and express their views.

How to study and prepare for the exam.

✅ How is the healthy life of the student?

✅ What factors are important in the choice of career?

Dr. Rajeev told the student that what are the main important factors in study and examination?

✅ Observation & Receiving

✅ Elaboration & Explanation

✅ Visualization & Imagination

All the above factors influence our information and study patterns. After this, On this subject, Mr. Ganesh told that how to adopt important steps for the lifestyle of the students?  There were some reflective questions for the students.

✅How should we balance our daily routine?

✅How to use it 24 hours a day?

✅What to adopt for the preparation of subjects?

Answering the questions of many students on this, how does the “Circle of Control” work in studies and exams?

After this, with the help of “Ollato Career Path“, Dr Rajeev told the students that after 10 exams, what are the options for studies and what are the job options. Each child was given a copy of the “Ollato Career Path“.

Explaining the important factors of career selection, Dr Rajeev said that these factors work in career selection as Interests, Aptitude, Values, Personality, Lifestyle, Financial goals, Education and training.

To make a decision about your potential career, follow these steps:

✅ Make a list of non-negotiables

✅ Take a career assessment test

✅ Research each position

✅ Shadow professionals

✅ Be open to change

At the end of the session, Dr. Rajeev answered the questions raised by the students and some interesting questions. On behalf of the Children Aid Society, Smt Sadhna Choudhary (SHM) while sharing her views on the program said that it was an interesting and enriching seminar for the students which will now help them to choose their stream and career wisely. The students shared their feedback in writing and sought future support from Serac Education.

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