Leadership Skills for School Professionals Training Programme

Leadership Skills for School Professionals Training Programme

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This program aims at the development of every individual in educational institutions by empowering leadership and having an impact on the quality of education and so on the whole community. We at Serac Education have a vision of “Instill leadership in schools so that each school succeeds and the entire community benefits”.

The course is beneficial for everybody at personal and professional level. You will be introduced to frameworks & toolkits and get hands-on practice in applying them to real-world situations. The assignments and activities ensure first-hand experience of the impact of the concepts being discussed and will help translate them into tangible skills that are focused on professional growth. It is modeled to inculcate a clear understanding of leadership and a systematic way of practically implementing it. The sessions are devised with assignments and practice charts which give an in-hand path to practice leadership quality. The School Leadership Development Program has a mission of “Improving leadership skills at the school level in order to establish institutions that deliver quality education”. The very motive of Team Serac is to bring teamwork, cooperation, personal development, and enrichment to the schools, and community relating to it.


  • To educate the prospective school executive to practice strategic leadership that promotes a vision, mission, values, beliefs, and goals for 21st century schools.
  • To provide the prospective school executive with the knowledge of best instructional and school practices that result in an environment of accountability and high standards for all students.
  • To provide a program of study that enhances the prospective school executive’s understanding of the role that the school’s culture contributes to school performance, student learning, and the achievement of collective goals.
  • To develop the prospective school executive’s skills to create a school professional learning community which empowers teachers.
  • To develop the prospective school executive’s leadership skills to facilitate social cohesion and shared decision-making among staff.
  • To provide a curriculum, with materials and resources for continuous leadership development.


  • A working gadget to attend online class. (Computer/Laptop/Smart phone)
  • A good working internet connection for online class.
  • Have a handy book, or open notepad to maintain required notes.
  • It is mandatory to attend all lectures to be certified.
  • Understanding of English language.

Target Audience

The program is dedicated towards development of school executives and the community involved with it. Following are the perfect candidates to benefit from the program.

  • Teachers.
  • Headmasters.
  • Principal.
  • Non-teaching.
  • Management committee.
  • Educational leaders.
  • Community members involved in the field of education.
  • Parents.
  • Prospects for all of the above.

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