Career Counselling Programme

Duration of The Assessment
2 hr and 30 minutes

Comprehensive Career Assessment

About the Career Assessment

Ollato's comprehensive Career Assessment offers a detailed evaluation tailored for the Indian population, analyzing aptitude, interests, and personality traits across multiple domains. This advanced assessment tool provides profound insights into core values and suggests optimal career paths, enhancing clarity in career choices. By integrating expert guidance and subject-based recommendations, it supports individuals in making informed decisions and achieving a purposeful professional trajectory. The assessment report includes the top three career options best suited to the individual's profile, ensuring a clear and actionable career direction.

Personality Traits


Who Can Use This Assessment?

Students of All Ages
Professionals Seeking Transition
Parents and Guardians
Educational Institutions
Human Resource Departments
Career Development Professionals

Why Choose Ollato ?

In today's world, the sheer number of course and career options can overwhelm both students and parents. Making the wrong choice can lead to long-term dissatisfaction and feeling trapped in an unsuitable job. That's where Ollato steps in. Our mission is to guide you through this confusion and help you find the career path that resonates with you. With our team of experts, we're here to support you every step of the way until you discover a career that brings you joy. Our ultimate goal is to build a community of happy, successful individuals by providing you with the tools and confidence to take control of your future.

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Online Testing, Report Generation

3500 (inclusive GST)
  • Ollato Career Assessment
  • Detailed Career Assessment Report
  • 3 prospective career paths along
            with Career portfolios

Online Testing, Report Generation, Virtual Counseling

4500 (inclusive GST)
  • Ollato Career Assessment
  • Detailed Career Assessment Report
  • 3 prospective career paths along
            with Career portfolios
  • A Face to Face counselling session

Online Testing, Report Generation, F2F Counseling

5500 (inclusive GST)
  • Ollato Career Assessment
  • Detailed Career Assessment Report
  • 3 prospective career paths along
            with Career portfolios
  • A Face to Face counselling session

Ollato’s Career Guidance : Pathways to Success

Rohit M.
High School Student
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"Ollato's Career Guidance & Counseling Program helped me discover my true passion and choose the right subjects for my future career. The detailed assessments and personalized counseling sessions were incredibly insightful. Highly recommended for all students!"
Ananya S.
College Graduate
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"After graduating, I felt lost about my career direction. Ollato's program provided me with a clear path by analyzing my interests, aptitudes, and personality traits. The expert guidance and in-depth reports gave me the confidence to pursue a fulfilling career. This program is amazing !"
Kiran P
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"As a parent, I wanted to ensure my child made informed career choices. Ollato's Career Guidance & Counseling Program offered comprehensive insights into my child's strengths and interests, guiding us towards the best career options. The expert counseling sessions were invaluable. A must for every parent!"
Sneha K.
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"Ollato's Career Guidance & Counseling Program was instrumental in helping my daughter understand her career options. The holistic assessment and expert counseling provided her with the clarity and confidence she needed to make informed decisions about her future. Highly recommend this program for parents and students alike!"

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Ollato’s Career Guidance & Counseling Program

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85% of our clients report greater clarity and confidence in their career choices.

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Explore how students and professionals have navigated their career journeys with our expert assessments and personalized counseling.

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