Ollato's Career Assessment


Career Counselling Program

  • Ollato's Career Counseling Program is a comprehensive and reliable assessment uniquely crafted for the Indian population, integrating a meticulous analysis of aptitude across eight domains and interests spanning six domains and personality tests.
  • This program goes beyond conventional career guidance, offering an in-depth and introspective report on an individual's core values and personality traits, illuminating the top three most compatible career paths or subjects aligned with their profile.
  • Moreover, it provides a detailed portfolio, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their professional trajectories.
  • What sets this program apart is its incorporation of subject-based guidance delivered by subject matter experts, complemented by counselling sessions facilitated by experienced psychologists and counsellors.
  • This holistic approach ensures that individuals receive personalized and well-rounded guidance, empowering them to navigate their career choices confidently and purposefully.

Our Career Guidance Programme Comprises Of

Comprehensive Career Assessment

Detailed & Self-Exploratory Report

Expert Guidance & Counselling


1. Psychologists & psychometricians came together to develop the assessment in house.
2. Extensive research work was done on the Indian student population for establishing the accuracy of the assessment
3. Interest and Aptitude parameters are assessed using AI.


1. A detailed 20+ page report is generated instantaneously.
2. In depth analysis of your responses on the assessment is done
3. Scores obtained by you are explained in detail.
4. Recommendations for improvement are made.
5. 03 prospective career options best suited for you are generated from a vast pool of conventional and non conventional careers.
6. Career portfolios for the generated options are also provided.


1. Meet with our expert counsellors, psychologists to discuss.
2. Feel free to clarify any doubts and gain further insights.
3. Develop a plan of action to meet your career goals.


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